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Oil painting was first used for the Buddhist Paintings by Indian and Chinese painters in western Afghanistan. Traditional oil painting techniques often begin with the artist sketching the subject onto the canvas with charcoal or thinned paint. A basic rule of oil paint application is 'fat over lean'. This means that each additional layer of paint should contain more oil than the layer below to allow proper drying. In recent years, water miscible oil paint has come to prominence, to some extent replacing the usage of traditional oils.
Oil Painting - Running Horse
Running Horse
Product Code: OP0001
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Oil Painting - Squirrel
Product Code: OP0002
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Oil Painting - Sakunthalai
Product Code: OP0004
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Oil Painting - Modern Village Lady
Modern Village Lady
Product Code: OP0005
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Oil Painting - Kamadhenu
Product Code: OP0006
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Oil Painting - Radha Krishnan
Radha Krishnan
Product Code: OP0007
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Oil Painting - Japanese Lady
Japanese Lady
Product Code: OP0008
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Oil Painting - Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams
Product Code: OP0009
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Oil Painting - Krisna At Nigunjam
Krisna At Nigunjam
Product Code: OP0010
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